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Security and Technology

Security and Technology

Investing in security and technology is like investing in gold. It has various long-term benefits. Security enhances business protection while technology boosts the productivity. ICTHub brings to you a wide range of holistic managed business security systems and technology solutions to keep your business ahead of its time.


Biometrics let your business keep track of employees’ productivity by recording details of their working hours and breaks among other important things. Since it is directly linked to your payroll system, you actually save a lot of time and resource as well.

ICTHub provides advanced biometrics solutions for your organization, which are aimed to provide secure access to your employees at restricted or specified places.

Our biometric solutions are protected by unique credentials to avoid any kind of intrusion, unwanted activities or deletion of data. They are all future-ready for new evolving technologies.

HD Digital Video Recorder

Your business is not fully secured if it is not empowered by the HD digital video recorder (DVR). It is one of the most important features of an ideal security system. Our HD DVR systems are loaded with various features such as remote access from smartphones, tablets, and computers, motion activated recording, H.264 compression, realtime recording, network usage optimization (dual-streaming), HDMI 1080p output, USB backup, and literally dozens of tunable settings and features.

HD Cameras

Our range of HD cameras provide greater control enhanced operational flexibility, improved administration, and expanded recording, archiving, and integration capabilities as compared to traditional analogue technologies.

The use of HD cameras can not only help reduce theft, but also improve productivity through monitoring staff and improving processes helping your business grow. So secure your business today with ICTHub’s finest HD cameras.