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Printer Solutions

Did you know that printer waste accounts for more than 4.5% loss in revenue?

Save Paper and Toner with ICTHub’s Ideal Printer Solutions

  • Set print quotas for every user and department.

  • Get alerts and notifications before printing a large number of pages or for any unusual print activity.

  • Record print expenses of employees and encourage them to print more responsibly with ICTHUB’s printer solutions.

  • Let users manage their own printing output.

  • No wasteful reprinting at all.

ICTHub is a leading provider of office automation equipment in Australia. We host a wide range of high quality multifunction printers and copier machines designed to help you meet all printing requirements of your business.

Managed Print Solutions for All Business Types

If you are looking for a reliable multifunction printers for your business, then you have come to the right place. We have the finest range of office automation equipment and expertise to design printing solutions, which are just perfect for you and your budget.

From colour multifunction printers to copiers to fax machines, we have you covered. We also ensure that solutions provided to you are affordable and sustainable.

Colour Multifunction Printers and Copiers

ICTHub provides you colour multifunction printers, copiers, and fax machines that are perfect for your business automation requirements. We host a wide range of colour printers and copiers—from desktop A4 models to free-standing A3 models—to make sure that you get what your business needs.

Managed Print Solutions

ICTHub provides you with some smart ways to save on all of your printing devices. We bring to you managed network printing work environments with a single solution for device management, print queue management, reporting, and accounting. Our unified device management solution utilizes a web-based platform to give network administrators easy and uncomplicated control of all network enabled printing devices.

Empower Your Business with Managed Print Solutions

Keep your business ahead of the game with our managed print services

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